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GM & its Driverless car Blockchain solution - Driverless

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GM & its Driverless car Blockchain solution

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GM has recently announced a Patented Blockchain Solution for Driverless Cars. 

The vehicle OEM giant sees the future of Autonomous driving on the blockchain platform.

The patent is for a data storage system for an autonomous vehicle in a distributed registry. As per blockchain technology, this means that all data is transparent and available to all users of the network.

GM are pursuing this technology within the area of navigation and geolocation on the vehicle. Information about vehicle location and the number of vehicles in an area will be placed in a blockchain ledger, enabling information exchange between vehicles to show route movement.

This development will also enable data exchange between different independent platforms. Blockchain ensures that shared information is validated when required, to guarantee that the vehicles and service providers are genuine. These can include, to name just a few, local authorities, airports, bus services, taxis and ride sharing, which will share information about the validity of work permits and licenses.

Blockchain technology will also enable an "on the move" micro payment service to cover tolls, parking and even drive through food services. Blockchain is of course the platform for the king of the Micro-payment - Cryptocurrency.

The fact that this is GM and the fact that they are seriously using the trusted Blockchain technology is another reason why I think that all this speculation, Autonomous Driving just may happen, coupled with thoughts on Waymos recent Phoenix ride sharing developments.