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Volvo & Autoliv joint venture for Autonomous vehicles.

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Volvo and Autoliv create a joint venture for Driverless / Autonomous vehicle activities.

Surely another serious indicator to those who may still think Autonomous vehicles will not take off?

Autoliv are a Tier one supplier to many Vehicle manufacturers. They are well known in the Automotive industry, but not a household name to many drivers, as they don’t make Cars. But it's fair to say that, withought them, (along with other tier Ones, such as Denso, Lear, Continental, Delphi to name a few,) there would be no cars. Autoliv make a wide range of electronic products and modules for many vehicles. They are now the undisputed worldwide leader in automotive safety systems. Think Airbag /SRS systems and this is just the start. Initially Volvo and Autoliv will jointly develop future generation software for Autonomous Driving.
This is the first time that a tier one and a Vehicle OEM have ever had this type of development partnership.

The new venture company has not yet been named and will commence in early 2017. Its activities will be to develop advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous drive (AD) systems. It will be headquartered in Sweden, with around 200 employees, rising to 600.

Interestingly, although its products are initially purely just for Volvo cars, its technology will be available for the entire future emerging Driverless industry.

This technology will be available only from Autoliv to all vehicle makers worldwide, with the revenues being shared with Volvo.

It expects to have its first ADAS products available for sale by 2019 with AD technologies available by 2021.
Volvo has a medium term vision that no one will be killed or seriously injured in any new Volvo car by 2020.

Volvo Cars:
“By combining our know how and resources we will create a world leader in AD software development.
This means we can introduce this exciting technology to our customers faster.”

“There are no two companies that can claim to have done more for automotive safety worldwide than Autoliv and Volvo.  This new company is a recognition of the fact that autonomous driving is the next step to transform road safety.”

Further information is available from:

Volvo Car Group www.volvo.com