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Oct 18

Cruise Automation to mass produce a "self-driving ready" vehicle

I see that the founder of Cruise Automation recently announced that they are ready to mass produce a "self-driving ready" vehicle, along with their partner, GM. This will be produced along the lines of the Chevrolet Bolt platform. Apparently this will have all the ingredients that an Autonomous vehicle will need to function, travel,  brake and steer etc. Around fifty vehicles have already been built, mostly for the Fleet market and production is expected to ramp up from here.

Congratulations to them on this achievement, but ithought wishing to sound too churlish, I do feel that this announcement has something of the feeling of a race about it and is more about someone crossing the finishing line, rather than having a true production ready self-driving car.

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To his credit, Doug Parks, GM’s VP of Autonomous Technology and Vehicle Execution, did say that "There's still a lot to be done yet" and there certainly is. I believe these cars will remain in a mechanically and...

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