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Artificial Intelligence

Nov 2

How will we get AI to behave itself and should we even try?

AI misbehaving

In the real future, will this question seem silly to ask?

People talk about regulation being so important, but how can you regulate Artificial Intelligence, a technology that will teach itself and just like any rogue human, can then choose to ignore the regulators and regulations?

Why would it do the above?
Maybe "it" knows better? Or perhaps it will just "think" it does.

Occasionally, especially in the early days, "its" lofty thoughts may well prove to be totally wrong for its "owner" or should I say controller. So, how do we stay in control?

But this is assuming the stance point is correct that we as human beings should be in control? Because just maybe, as things evolve, AI will be more often right and make the right decisions. At that point, is it then the responsible and correct thing to do to try to regulate it? "Would you expect a chimp to try to regulate a human" is perhaps not quite the analogy, but I cannot think of anything similar to compare this...

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Oct 25

Artificial Intelligence - Just how can we resist it?


According to Elon Musk, robots will be able to do your job better than you, jobs will be lost and he is not sure what to do about that, mentioning this as being a scary problem to him.

Speaking to the National Governors Association he said, "There certainly will be job disruption. Because what's going to happen is robots will be able to do everything better than us. ... I mean all of us," But no job is safe, he says. "Transport will be one of the first to go fully autonomous. But when I say everything — the robots will be able to do everything, bar nothing."

But Musk goes much further than this and believes that the most worrying part of AI is not job loss. He believes that people are not as afraid of the potential of artificial intelligence and the ensuing dominance of robots as they should be, because they don't fully understand the huge impact of all this.

"I have exposure to the most cutting edge AI, and I think people should be really concerned by it," he says....

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Oct 2

Apple - Just quietly getting on with "the AI of things"

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Whilst the other key players seem to wear their heart on their sleeve and we see all sorts of revelations, (Uber and Waymo - Locked Horns) Apple have been what seems to be like, quietly getting on with things. Tim Cook, Apples CEO, has now finally confirmed to Bloomberg, that they are steadily on track in developing their own autonomous technologies, with what seems like a master intelligence solution, called Titan.

The end product is not 100% confirmed and no actual vehicle has been mentioned with their famous brand letter "i" in it. They have only advised that Titan represents huge activity in AI for autonomous "systems", Tim Cooks actual words being "We sort of see it as the Mother of all AI Projects", so surely transportation must be at least part of the end goal. But they also want to roll out their technology to other areas. If their venture in to AI powered products is as succesfull as that of the Smartphone, then we are all in for the "ride" of our lives, one...

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Oct 1

Could AI be the key to true full autonomous driving?

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AI - This innocuous two letter anacronym now seems more prevalent than any other phrase or word in the arena of hot cutting edge technological development, including “Driverless”, “Autonomous vehicles”, “SDC” (Self Driving Cars), “Smart cars” or “Connected cars”. It even has its own domain extension .ai. 

When you search on LinkedIn for example, there are hundreds, if not thousands of people involved with Artificial Intelligence (and deep learning / machine learning).

Why so many people?
The reason for the ai activity, initially at least, is surely the massive push and momentum behind Autonomous driving. The Automotive industry still seems to be where the money is. Quite simply withought ai, we will never see true autonomy, resulting in safe, effective self-driving vehicles, not in my humble opinion anyway.

Vehicles will need far more than just expensive, electronic hardware, Lidar, cameras, sensors and servo motors to drive around by themselves safely. They will need...

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