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Tensyr is a Silicon Valley, VC-funded startup. We’re delivering a production software platform to meet the needs of automakers as they go from simple-pilot and R&D phases of autonomous vehicle development, to full-scale deployments to the mass market.  At that point, you need to be thinking of accelerating your ML/AI R&D pipelines, being able to test/validate at scale, then verifying the optimized code you actually deploy on possibly multiple car SKUs matches what you built and tested off-vehicle for safety.

Tensyr provides a dataflow-graph framework that allows developers to visually map the whole of their software stack and easily manipulate it via scripting or a GUI.  We can interconnect and interchange real world, synthetic or simulated data for testing; and we optimize for accelerators both on the server/cloud side during R&D and optimized orchestration of code on-vehicle, automatically. All of this takes exactly the same graph carried across from data-scientist to cloud developers to vehicle so you are assured of functional equivalence and safety at all times.

Currently engaged with multiple automakers and other AV ecosystem partners globally, seeking additional interested parties to validate our approach.

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