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developers Welcome to the new Jobs section

We offer a cost effective way for all businesses and recruitment companies to present your Job opportunities to the highest quality industry professionals from across the Automotive / Autonomous Industry, who regulary visit our highly focused website. We will always aim to maintain our Autonomous vehicle & related technologies theme throughout the entire directory, ensuring that our site will continue to grow and our visitors will keep returning.
Our method of posting Jobs is maybe a bit different than many other sites. This is done on a simple monthly Subscription basis. This subscription enables you to have a set number of rolling job listings that will remain live for as long as your membership continues. For example if your package is for 5 jobs, if you wish to add another job or jobs, either delete one or more of the 5 and simply add your new one(s). Alternatively, you can also choose to upgrade to another package with a higher number of Jobs included.

Here's the good bit - Currently, our Monthly 5 job package subscription is less than the cost of a single Job listing at most of the other well known, general job sites.

Also note, you can cancel your monthly membership whenever you wish and rejoin whenever you wish, as suits your circumstances.

If you would like to list your jobs, please note that you will first need to choose a membership package that enables Jobs and then create a business directory listing. Following this process, you can then add your Jobs in your control panel. 

developersStart your Jobs package membership here  (UPDATE - Now you can try us Free for 3 Months)