Uber and Waymo - Locked Horns 

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Uber continue to be the ride hailing company to beat, but this could possibly be acheived by a lawsuit brought about by Waymo. They claim that a former Waymo employee, Anthony Levandowski stole around 14,000 confidential documents, which has now led to a request for the courts to halt Uber’s work on driverless cars, which happens to be where Mr. Levndowski went to work. Apparently the Waymo case is very strong, according to a federal Judges comments, after seeing the large amount of evidence from Waymo.

Uber however, still continues to hire at record levels, with almost 50 jobs available, mostly in advanced engineering technology roles at its Pittsburgh research center. These openings seek the top minds in Autonomous driving technologies, including AI and robotics, although it is rumoured that their self driving development has slowed somewhat recently. This has not been helped by Ubers loss of key people such as, Raffi Krikorian, senior director of talent, Peter Rander, engineering lead, who joined Argo AI, and Charlie Miller, who left to join Didi Chuxing, the Chinese Uber rival ride-hailing giant.


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