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Autonomous vehicle control interface for advanced testing & development - Polysync

DriveKit by Polysync is the complete, easy-to-install Autonomous Vehicle system for full control of steering, brake, throttle, and gear selection.

Track-ready in an hour
The simplest, fastest, and most affordable solution in the industry, DriveKit installs easily with no permanent vehicle modifications.

Portable, non-destructive design lets you rent, lease, buy, re-use, or sell your vehicle
Loopback feature quickly reverts vehicle to factory state
One-hour install, with step-by-step guide and simple hand tools included

Safe vehicle control
Maintain full-range control of the vehicle, even at low speeds. The DriveKit interacts at the electrical interface, without altering factory safety case.
No need to spoof CAN messages or hack ADAS features
The Safety driver can easily take control at any time
Instant override via steering wheel, brake, accelerator, or E-stop

Further information on the Polysync Drivekit is here