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An introduction to Intel® GO™ Automated Driving Solutions

Software & Platforms for Driverless vehicles & related Technologies

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An introduction to Intel® GO™ Automated Driving Solutions

Like many leading organisations, Intel believe that Autonomous driving will improve people's lives and environments, in terms of fewer accidents, less traffic jams and less stress, and that's just to start with. Intel have a range of autonomous driving solutions to bring together vehicles with the three Cs. Connectivity, Computing, and the Cloud.

car cloud

These solutions are designed to give Automotive engineers much greater flexibility when designing systems, allowing greater efficiency of Software and Hardware resource. These greatly facilitate the OEMs ability to quickly introduce various features and options at every level of Autonomy. Intel®  say that this lowers the cost of development and enables a much quicker product development time in this fast moving market. The key things in all the solutions offered are, Safety - to protect people and Security - to protect data and privacy.

Solutions offered include in-vehicle computing, software development tools, 5G-ready connectivity, a robust data center platform, and artificial intelligence (AI).

Vehicle Computing
car computer
Intel® currently offer two Autonomous driving development platforms using the Intel® Atom™ and the Intel® Xeon® processors. This gives 
Developers maximum choice to offer certain ADAS features, right through to level 4 Autonomy and beyond. and  The platforms both include Intel® Arria® 10 FPGAs to enhance production speed and reliability. Sample applications are provided, in addition to run times. libraries and middleware.

Software development Kits
Intel® Automotive Software Development Kit for designers and developers. The SDK helps to speed up development and maximize the hardware capabilities. This is done through OpenCL* tool kits, deep learning, Computer vision and sensor data labelling tool. Libraries, and other resources are also included.

5G Platform
4g versus 5G
The Company have also introduced the Automotive industry’s first 5G-ready platform, enabling OEMs to develop and test a wide range of applications and scenarios.

Data support
data support
Intel® offer Data centre support for high volumes of Data and Cloud activity.

Artificial Intelligence
AI small

The Xeon® and Xeon Phi™ processors, deliver the high-performance level of computing that is required to support complex artificial intelligence (AI) and other functions/ workloads. The data center operations are fully optimized for machine and deep learning to create speedy AI-based driving models.