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Autotalks SECTON V2X Hardware add-on Chipset

SECTON front and back 300

SECTON is a Global V2X hardware add-on that is secure, cost-optimized, mass-market ready, architected for connected autonomous vehicles, flexible and can smoothly fit multiple customer architectures. It offers simple integration with any external host CPU.

SECTON completely handles V2X security computation, thus making it cost-effective and hassle free, allowing application developers to focus on application reliability rather than vulnerability to Cybersecurity attacks.

SECTON is an automotive qualified chipset that integrates an enhanced-range mobility-optimized IEEE802.11p DSRC and C-V2X direct communications (PC5) Rel. 14 / Rel. 15 modems, an ultra-low-latency V2X Hardware Security Module (eHSM) and crypto-agile hardware verification engines. SECTON also supports IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac to enable high-bandwidth external vehicle Wi-Fi for supplementary value-added services, like data synchronization with home and high-speed downloads. In addition, it has worldwide compliance, supporting US, EU and Japan standards.

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