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Connected Vehicle Imaging technology - Road-IQ

Road-iQ is the most innovative connected vehicle technology available on the market today.


This cutting edge system starts with a powerful video processor that connects up to seven cameras for real-time display, recording and playback of video. This is combined with a unique telematics server platform, which offers unparalleled vehicle networking and wireless communication.

To provide a high-resolution user-interface, smart tablets with a Road-iQ app are used for a live display of camera views and other vehicle data. This unique combination of video and data processing, wireless communications and elegant user interface allows Road-iQ to provide a range of safety features and security enhancements to help you drive safer and smarter. ​

Road-iQ provides both active and passive safety features to your vehicle. 360 degree views around the vehicle, automatically switching camera views based on speed, direction, turn signals, etc. present the driver with the right camera views at the right time to help prevent accidents.

Up to seven cameras and multiple vehicle data inputs can be recorded for later playback, locally on the system or remotely through a web portal, for training and liability protection. And if you need to view live remote camera views of your vehicle, real-time camera views can be streamed to you from any device connected to the internet so you can investigate events and respond instantly.

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