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DAV - blockchain based transportation platform

DAV is a blockchain-based transportation platform. There will surely be many more blockchain companies to emerge in the huge and rapidly expanding Autonomous vehicle / mobility market. The company are building infrastructure for what they call "the internet of transportation" This will involve various applications, including decentralized ride hailing, autonomous vehicle ride sharing, Convenient transportation, Courier services and Autonomous Drone deliveries, using a system of DAV tokens, which will enable vehicles and even infrastructure to communicate, interact and transact with one another.

DAV are also looking at implementing blockchain technology within vehicle insurance. Putting details of accidents and claims on a blockchain ledger could greatly reduce or even eliminate the high rates of fraud and also the often very long claim settlement delays due to lost paperwork and human mistakes. The use of smart contracts could also ensure that payments are made almost immediately if certain criteria are met, especially the case with minor, simple non-injury accidents.

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