Ohnishi Denko K.K

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Ohnishi Denko K.K
Type: EV Charge Point Installation Service
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  • Authorized Tesla charger installer
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  • Commercial and Residential
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Onishi Denko K.K are one of the few authorised Tesla EV Wall charger installers in Japan

Easily compare the gasoline price of gasoline cars and electricity bill of electric cars.

Gasoline vehicle: (fuel efficiency) 20 km / L gasoline fee: (regular) 130 yen 
Electric car: (fuel consumption) 6 km / kWh Electricity charge: (all electrification / nighttime) 10 yen / kWh

Mileage: 100 km

If you run 100 km by gasoline car you will use gasoline 5 L to use gasoline fee 650 yen, in the case of electric cars, if you use nighttime electricity it will be 166 yen, so the difference 3.84 yen / km . 

If you change from gasoline cars to electric cars, it will be cheaper by tens of thousands of yen per year.

Electric cars are more expensive than gasoline-powered cars, but subsidies can be applied to national and local governments, so subsidies may be available to cover the cost of installing charging equipment at home so please do so at dealers or government offices We recommend you to consult.

We are a Tesla Motors Japan official authorized construction shop and we also support the installation work of electric car charging facilities of various domestic manufacturers . Please feel free to contact us.

We will deal with all the rapid charging facilities of Tesla and other domestic manufacturers with reliable technology .

There are various kinds of models that can be quickly charged. The time it takes to charge up to 80% with Nissan Leaf is more than doubled when comparing between 20 kW and 50 kW. 

Of course, it is needless to say that models capable of fast charging are more preferred. We also propose electric stand service that users can use easily, such as the number of installed units and the handling of charging cables.


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