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MyScript offers its Hand Writing Recognition technologies as SDK. In Automotive applications it has proven to be a non-distractive Input Method with over 5 million cars powered by MyScript.

Current input methods do not fit all user situations and do not provide a consistent user experience Improving the user experience (UX) and assuring the control of automotive cockpits are secure is an essential challenge that car manufacturers have to address.

A successful human-machine interface (HMI) is one that allows drivers to perform infotainment and control input tasks without affecting driving performance when using Input Method(s) (IME) provided to the driver.

Today, drivers often have many options when interfacing with a vehicle; voice recognition, handwriting recognition, virtual keyboards, rotary knobs, gestures and buttons. However, when drivers or passengers want to do complex tasks such as using the car infotainment system, texting, calling, searching information, navigating and so forth, only the keyboard, voice recognition and handwriting recognition are dominant natural input method options.

In an automotive environment, IME must satisfy at least these two major objectives:

1. Overcome HMI complexity - more information, more features and more applications must be controlled where input is still simple, fast and accurate.

2. Do not increase driver distraction while performing any complex task. Driver safety must prevail.

The “perfect” IME should always offer the most agile input mode depending upon the driver’s current situation. The transition between different input modes must appear to be seamless from the users’ perspective.

No advanced IME has been able to combine both of these criteria in all situations - until now...

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