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Marben Products

Marben Products
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22 Quai Gallieni, Suresnes 92150, France

+33 1 79621018
+33 6 28095377
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Marben Products is the trusted global leader delivering robust and scalable communication software for the telecommunication and the automotive market. Selected by top OEMs and Tiers1 equipment manufacturers, Marben delivers reliable and efficient solutions to help our customers significantly reduce their time to market and optimizing total cost of ownership.

Marben is the worldwide leading provider of V2X – Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure - software solutions that not only contribute to a safer and greener mobility, but also pave the way for autonomous vehicles.

MARBEN V2X provides a complete software solution supporting both the US (IEEE/SAE) and the European (ETSI) V2X standards. It is hardware/network agnostic (CPUs, 802.11p/4G, Hardware Security Modules) and can run on most of the available operating systems including Linux, PikeOS, QNX, ThreadX or Android. It also supports Autosar environment. By embedding security and privacy management, offering user-friendly APIs and a set of road safety and traffic optimization applications, MARBEN V2X dramatically accelerates the development and the integration of V2X On-Board and Roadside units.