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Hyundai Motors

Hyundai Motors

Seoul , Korea South

Hyundai - Leading edge innovative ADAS modules and systems for the Driverless Autonomous vehicle era

General info

Hyundai Motor's ADAS technology offers systems and modules for safe driverless / Autonomous vehicles and is mainly divided into systems of cognition, judgment and control.

Corresponding to the human eyes, the cognitive feature analyzes the environment with a sensor or camera,

The judgment is similar to that of the human brain, with the feature managing the signals and determining the speed and direction of the vehicle, with the help of a CPU

The control system, enables the motion and steering based on the signals above, similar to the blood vessels, muscles and nerves in human.

Through the synergy of these three elements, Hyundai Motor has developed a variety of innovative, highly effective ADAS devices for the age of Autonomous driving

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