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What advantages do EVs have, compared to ICE vehicles? - Driverless

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What advantages do EVs have, compared to ICE vehicles?

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An EV will usually convert more than 60% of the electrical energy that is taken from the charging source at the grid to the actual power at the wheels. Compare this with a normal ICE Vehicle and you will see less than 20% of the energy from Petrol / Gasolene / Diesel to end up as driving power at the road wheels.

EVs emit no exhaust gases or other pollutants, that are so harmful to the environment and the health of people and wildlife. It should be remembered however that at this stage there is no free lunch. We need to realise that most Power stations that generate electricity will give off some emissions, some more than others, depending on their design and age. However most Nuclear, Hydro Electric, Wave power, Solar, or Wind Farm energy plants will cause little or no air pollutants. We need to be careful about talking in absolute zero terms.

Electric motors are quieter, smoother, more responsive, longer lasting and require far less maintenance than internal combustion engines.

Multiple sourced energy
Electricity can be generated in many different ways unlike oil that has to be found.


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