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Electric Bikes are also often called E-bikes. They are now becoming an extremely popular means of transport, in the USA, Europe and across the globe. This is due to a number of factors, including in no particular order, the cost to run, cost to purchase, escaping traffic jams, keeping fit and helping to keep the planet healthy at the same time.

They operate like a normal bicycle when you need them to, i.e., you just pedal them and they go where you want them to. They have gears, brakes, handlebars and a seat and at a glance the modern e-bike looks remarkably similar to a normal, traditional, non-electric bike. The differences with electric bikes is that they also have an electric motor fitted, usually to drive the rear wheel. This helps the bike rider when required, i.e. when tired or going up a hill etc. The motor is powered by a small, highly efficient, lithium ion battery. This battery is charged by a generator, which is caused to rotate by the pedals. So the battery is constantly being charged when the cyclist is pedalling normally and when not pedalling, the rider can choose to use the battery energy to power their journey. The typical e-bike journey is usually a mixture of pedalling and electric motion. Either giving energy to the battery or taking it back, or just some of it.

Electric bike technology continues to develop, as continuous improvements to electric motors, battery technology and lightweight materials are introduced.

Here's another thing to ponder. I actually think that I can do more exercise with an electric bike than a non-electric bike, without the feeling of more effort. A bold claim perhaps, maybe it’s just me. But it is maybe down to the fact that an e-bike tempts me to venture further afield than I would do normally on a traditional bike. I am not talking about huge extra distances. But where I may do say 5 or 6 miles on my normal bike, I might do 10 to 12 on the electric bike. The reason why I think I may do more exercise, is due to the rest periods that the electric motor allows me during the journey. My point is, I am pedalling more miles, but I don’t feel it. I have worked out that I will pedal a total of around 7 miles out of a total 10 mile journey on an electric bike. This is compared to around 4 miles pedalling on a normal 5 mile bike journey, the other mile is down to freewheeling and coasting etc. I would not normally tackle a 10 mile bike ride with a normal bike. The electric bike enables me to get more exercise without me feeling it.

Let me know what you think?

More information about e-bikes can be found in various places, including on Amazon

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