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Sep 5

Driverless Cars - A natural progression?

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A driverless or autonomous Car or Vehicle is possibly the biggest development since the invention of the very first car itself...

But there is no magic launch date or lead up for Driverless vehicles - The Cars and the production technologies are already there - and so also are many of the required Autonomous features. Indeed, some of these have already been with us for years - Radar Cruise Control to save driving too close to the vehicle in front - Automatic braking - Lane assist steering technology - Self parking - Satellite navigation - In Car Wireless.

All these features when put together, form much of the basis that is needed for a driverless car and many of us now already use some or all of these features on a daily basis. Therefore a fully Driverless vehicle surely has to be the next natural step, spurned by the development of all the other things.

We could even say the Driverless industry has almost invented and developed itself from other technologies? Who...

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Sep 5

The (huge) knock on effects of the Driverless revolution

driverless car blogDozens of well-known corporate brands are now developing and building their own Driverless vehicles.
But how will the future look when the Driverless era is actually with us?

For every action there is a reaction and the Driverless revolution is no exception.
The implementation of Driverless Autonomous vehicles, will change if not positively rock many other establishments and industries that have been with us for Centuries.

The change might not necessarilly be bad or negative in every case, but the change will certainly happen.
The question is, just how much change?

Remember we are not just talking about the effects for one Country below, we are talking about the effects on the entire world. 
The figures involved, in terms of People, Revenue, Jobs, are huge, almost incalculable.

Here are some thoughts on just 10 key areas that may be affected (there are certainly many, many more) :

1. The (Multi Billion) Insurance Industry

Everyone is agreed that Driverless Autonomous...

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Sep 4 - The New driverless vehicle products business directory

driverless car blog

Welcome to - The New driverless vehicle products business directory

More, definitely more, to follow soon ....

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