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China Autonomous Vehicle Summit 2018

China Autonomous Vehicle Summit 2018
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Shanghai , China

+86 21 80260707
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Summit Highlights

  • Interpretation of US Self Drive Act and Comparison with Chinese Market.
  • Current Technical Situation and Development Trend of Autonomous Vehicles in China Market.
  • Analysis of Current Development Status of Autonomous Driving Technologies from the Aspect of the global, North America, Europe and Other Countries.
  • Current Situation of Autonomous Vehicles in China.
  • Cellular IOV Technology Guarantees Autonomous Driving Safety.
  • 5G V2X Industry and Solutions.
  • Design of Autonomous SoC.
  • Panel Discussion: Challenge and Opportunity of Realizing Autonomous Driving in Urban Environment.
  • Facilitate Autonomous Driving with High Precision Map.
  • Facilitate Autonomous Vehicles with Low Cost Laser.
  • High-precision Camera to Build the Eyes of Autonomous Vehicles.
  • Make the Brain of Self Driving Vehicles.
  • Deep Learning Algorithm of Autonomous Vehicle.
  • Route Planning for Autonomous Vehicles with Reinforcement Learning.
  • Latest Advanced Assistance System of Autonomous Vehicles.
  • Intelligent Automatic Parking System.
  • Latest Fleet Management of Autonomous Commercial Vehicles.
  • Latest Active Safety Technology.
  • Latest HMI Systems Improve the Experience in Autonomous Driving.
  • Autonomous Driving Urges the Pattern of Business to Transform.
  • Security is Necessary for Safety in the Autonomous Vehicles.

Business Events

  •  - 19 April 2018 until 20 April 2018
    Exhibition / Conference
    China Autonomous Vehicle Summit 2018 has been successfully held for two years, is China's highest standard of auto-driving industry conference. Organized by Shanghai ECV International-a professional high-end business conference organization.