Apple - Just quietly getting on with "the AI of things"

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Whilst the other key players seem to wear their heart on their sleeve and we see all sorts of revelations, (Uber and Waymo - Locked Horns) Apple have been what seems to be like, quietly getting on with things. Tim Cook, Apples CEO, has now finally confirmed to Bloomberg, that they are steadily on track in developing their own autonomous technologies, with what seems like
a master intelligence solution, called Titan.

The end product is not 100% confirmed and no actual vehicle has been mentioned with their famous brand letter "i" in it. They have only advised that Titan represents huge activity in AI for autonomous "systems", Tim Cooks actual words being "We sort of see it as the Mother of all AI Projects", so surely transportation must be at least part of the end goal. But they also want to roll out their technology to other areas. If their venture in to AI powered products is as succesfull as that of the Smartphone, then we are all in for the "ride" of our lives, one way or another.

And, if a driverless vehicle is involved, the fact that Apple is not geared up to produce cars is surely not really an issue - I imagine that all the key Auto OEMs will be lining up to partner with the Apple Brand when the time is right.

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