Googles spend on developing its self-driving vehicle technology

You won't believe how much Google spent on developing its self-driving vehicle technology

Now you know how serious this company is on bring fully autonomous vehicles through its self-driving tech company to everyone.

A financial analyst at Waymo has unintentionally revealed how much Google spent on developing the software and hardware  for its self-driving car effort.According to the financial analyst Shawn  Bananzadeh, who gave his deposition in the ongoing Waymo lawsuit against ride-sharing giant Uber for stealing its intellectual property and trade secrets for its own effort, Google spent a whooping $1.1 billion on the software and hardware powering its autonomous car between 2009(when the program started) and at the end of 2015. 

That's not all. He also said the $1.1 billion was just a cost estimate and that it did not include other expenses incurred while running the self-driving car project for 7 years, which has now become a standalone self-driving development company called Waymo--a new way forward in mobility.

You may say in Google's eyes that's a derisory amount but we on the outside know it is a huge investment, considering it has not been able to sell it to automakers. Can they recoup the money spent? Well, that remains to be seen.
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